Part of the Tesla Monaco team:

from left to right:
Zak Edson, Brian Randall, Darryl Siry

Many thanks also to Diarmuid O´Connel, who is not on the picture, but
also served me well as the whole tesla team.

Tesla Staff in natural Position
Tesla Staff Style Contest
Team UK: Brian
Team US: Zak
short programm: phoning home for help
- very close to the POI
- excellent business style
freestyle: reaching connector under desk
- straight approach
- hand slightly under pressure
- note the fine assorted brown and khaki tones
- best fit to brown leather seats
- indirect approach sideways
- elegant hand position
- might carry some extra weight unsuitable for situation
- look at Brian in the background ;-)
Mounting PEM on ESS
dummy PEM and ESS
working units
As you can see on the left:

beetween VP and P, some mounting from the PEM on the ESS has
changed. On the other side, the P is equipped mit dummy PEM and
ESS, so this must not be real figures.

Is this important: simply no!

But the roadstar has so less seeable things under the hoods, just
those two big black boxes - so even this things attract attention ;-)