Guys, remember: We are surrounded by computers!

On a test drive at sunny Monte Carlo, suddenly VP12 stopped - with a
sign of the upcomming era - a firmware error ;-)

The car stopped in the famous Monaco Port chicane on the F1 circuit,
and was pushed down sideways. The error message was: "Direct Motor
Control Firmware - Pole Current Error Fault". This is an error message
only available on debug mode of the VPs. The message for us ordinary
users would have been "Motor service requested". Uh, one small step
away of the "general error 40 fault" ;-)
After several tries of software-reset the car, which did not work, it
was decided to do the "most possible" reset under the dash.

The Monaco Port Episode
Tesla staff did a famous job on getting under the dash, and I am sure you will like the pictures ;-). The goal was to disconnect
the VMS, wait some seconds, and hope after reconnecting the car would start again. Any experienced Windows users here? :-)
But unfortunately it did not work out, and the car had to be left at Monaco Port, opposite the yachts.
Over night, a laptop from Hethel, UK, was flown in, was connected to the car, and via Firmware-Upgrade the problem could be
solved, and test drives could be continued on sunday.

The Explanation of all this happened was realtively simple: car VP12 is a prototype, typically running in the UK for specific test
programm. This DMC Error happened in the past already. All PEMs of the cars in the US running were reworked, so that the
problem could not happen again. But the ones running on specific test programms in the UK were not ...
Well, that can happen when driving prototypes. Tesla staff assured that production cars are different :-)

Enjoy some specific photos at the gallery, seeing full commitment of tesla staff!